"I've worked with Irish Realty for over ten years and during that time they have always handled themselves in a highly professional manner.  Their staff has been friendly and provided my clients with quality work.  In a business that is historically very tough, I can always count on Irish Realty to have the utmost integrity in any situation.  They are accomplished real estate investors with an impressive track record.  Not only do they know the real estate business and have an excellent reputation, but finding a company with the character and caliber of Irish is rare." 

-Paul Ravencraft, Price Edwards & Company

"Irish Realty has been an important client to The Harrison Levy Company for over twenty-five years.  We have done many large important deals including acquisition of land for shopping centers, office buildings and retail sites.  Irish Realty has been blessed with great market timing and savvy to know when to make things happen.  John Kennedy is a great friend and a fun person with whom to work.  I can say that Irish Realty has been one of my cornerstone clients for whom I always try to go the extra mile. 

-Carl Archianiaco, Levy Beffort


"I have worked with Irish Realty Corporation since I sold my first piece of real estate to them twenty years ago.  Irish Realty Corporation takes an ordinary matter of life and adds a personal touch, creating a relationship over a matter of life.  They go beyond the call to make sure people have a good experience. "

-Mark Beffort, Levy Beffort